March 31, 2011

“Hollywood” in Chicago. Chicago was home to one of Charlie Chaplin’s first movie studios, Essanay Studios, at the dawn of the 20th Century, and as the 20th Century closed and the 21st Century began, it was home to Oprah Winfrey’s powerhouse talk show and her Harpo Studios. ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox own their Chicago affiliates. And Chicago is also home to “Superstation” WGN-TV.

Informally, “Hollywood” refers to the Movie & Television Studios of the greater Los Angeles area and, to some degree, the movie/television industry throughout the USA. Formally, Hollywood is a district in Los Angeles (around Hollywood Blvd. & Vine St.). This page includes “Hollywood” photos from the cities of Burbank, Studio City, Universal City, Beverly Hills, and, of course, Los Angeles.